Doors, Frames and Grates

Doors, Frames and Grates in Bergamo

L'Atelier Di Filippo is the ideal store for you if you’re looking for excellent quality windows, doors and grilles. We furnish homes, offices and commercial facilities using top-quality materials ensuring the final product lasts a long time.

Our team is dedicated towards creating original and innovative finished works, all designed in wood, wood-aluminum, or PVC.

We will meet all your needs and customize the final products you order according to your wishes.

Doors and Windows of Wood, Wood-aluminum and PVC

Quality and professionalism are evident features in the windows made by our skilled technicians.
Using wood, wood-aluminum and PVC, our experienced staff gives life to finished works of great excellence, perfect for decorating your home with style and design.

Elegant and refined, these frames are ideal to achieve thermal and acoustic insulation in your structure, protecting against local extremes in temperature and precipitation.

Wooden Doors

We make elegant and functional wooden doors, perfectly matching the interiors, flooring and parquet of the house. By employing high-grade, high-quality tools and materials, our team transforms your vision into actual finished work. 

Grate Security

L'Atelier Di Filippo also specializes in the production of security grilles. Designed with heavy and resistant materials, our grilles are fundamental for maximum security housing and structures of various types, thus ensuring total protection for its inhabitants.
Want maximum safety for your home? Discover our
railings at Via Enrico Fermi, 3

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