Woodworking in Bergamo

At L'Atelier Di Filippo, we use specific essences for each implementation. We look for the best in the market and choose from a variety of woods that offer different characteristics both in terms of aesthetics and quality. This helps us meet the varying needs and tastes of all customers. In particular, we offer fir, larch, pine, maple, birch, chestnut, cherry, ash, beech, walnut, elm, alder, poplar, sycamore, oak, lime and other exotic woods outside Europe.

The Essences

Let’s see the details of the species we use to create our products:

• Fir: Pyramidal in shape, this plant grows at altitudes above 1,200 meters. It is usually white in colour and can reach up to 40 meters in height.
• Larch: This plant also grows in the mountains and can reach 30-35 meters in height. It is resistant to the action of water on wood. Its heartwood is strongly impregnated with resin red color and is perfect for outdoor use.
• Pine: There are several varieties of pine. We use the Italian reddish veined wood, which is often knotty in texture. It is hard and heavy and known for its umbrella shape. We also offer Scots pine and Pink Sweden pine, which with their uniform grain are highly valued by furniture makers.
• Maple: This tree is widespread and highly demanded in the field of falengnameria. It is used in solid form or sliced or as sheets and can be dyed in any color, following which it is polished to bring out its veins.
• Birch: This is a common wood that has the same characteristics as the maple, though it is darker in color and has softer fiber.
• Chestnut: Widespread in Italy, with big, crooked stems, the chestnut is used to veneer furniture. It is also ideal for massive workings of the cabinet, but is not resistant to weather.
• Cherry: This wood has been used a lot in recent years due to its pink and yellow veins that stand out. It is available in various types and is used for various purposes.
• Ash: This white to cream colour wood has narrow veins. It is hard, compact and elastic and you can dye it any colour to make veneers. It is also used for jobs that requiresolid wood.
• Beech: These plants reach lengths of 35 meters and are used for a multitude of processes, due to their malleability and compactness. Its light, natural colour becomes reddish brown when it is vaporized.
• Walnut: This hardwood is good-looking and perfect for aesthetic use. It acquires value as it gets older and is used in various applications, including automotive interiors and for kicking rifles.
• Olmo: Reddish brown in colour and very strong, this wood is used for all types of machining, reinforcement of ships, plaid benches and more.
• Alder: Easy to carve, alder is widely used for manufacturing molds and sculptures. Being white, it is dyed to resemble other woods.
• Poplar: White, light, fragile and very easy to work with, poplar is not weather resistant and is used to make veneers.
• Oak: There are many species of oak, like holm oak, cork etc. It is one of the cheapest woods, very hard and resistant to water and air. The colour tends to be cream yellow and it is used in carpentry as solid wood or as a veneer.

Door and furniture of the best types of wood, come and discover them
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