Wooden Furniture in Azzano San Paolo

L'Atelier Di Filippo is an innovative company, specializing in the sale of windows, doors and grilles. We also produce custom furniture for both, residential and business structures.

The proven industry experience of our team of associates, gained over several years, has made us a well-known point of reference throughout the province of Bergamo.

Our professionalism and expertise enable us to create works of art known for their style and design. We make your dreams and desires come true.

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A Team of Selected Employees

The L'Atelier Di Filippo team comprises of highly specialized and carefully selected qualified architects, always ready to listen to your needs and create outstanding designs and projects in line with your expectations.

Enabling them is our technical staff, which takes care of the precise details and features of each product at L’Atelier. Our salespeople also play a vital role in meeting your needs, offering targeted advice aimed at helping you find the best solutions.

Our Service

At L'Atelier Di Filippo, we pride ourselves in our ability to create exceptional and carefully studied works of art for each customer. We craft doors and windows with high-grade materials, thus ensuring that they are sturdy and durable. Besides the creation and sale of windows, doors and grilles, we deal in custom-made furniture to furnish your homes with style and design. These are designed at our workplace and delivered and installed later in your home.

We stock various types and colours of Parquet flooring to help you create an original, practical and innovative look for your house. Finally, we also offer security doors, windows, railings, skylights of different sizes, shutters and more for sale.

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Request A Quote

You can request a quote at L'Atelier Di Filippo and we will provide it free of charge.
After we collect all the necessary data and information, our specialized technicians will offer you a proposal with the complete details and final cost.

To request a quote please contact us on +39 366 2828147 or send us an email on atelierdifilippo@outlook.it

Want to purchase beautiful furnishings for your home?
Contact us for a quote on +39 366 2828147
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